Hearing his mama sing along with some Christmas carols on Pandora, Joel said, "Do not show off your skill, Mom."


I just read King Hugo's Huge Ego to Joel, and before we started, he asked me what an ego was. I told him it's when you think highly of yourself and think you are better than everyone else. Joel said, "That's how God thinks of himself, and it's true, because he really is."


I asked Matthew if he had enough energy to go ride his bike, and he replied, "I have as much energy as Peter the Great of Russia!"


Abigail: "Oh, man, I broke my toenail!"

Joel: "You just need to put some more of that gray ink on it."

[I have silver nail polish on.]


Abigail: "Someday you two will marry some really nice ladies."

Matthew: "I've already found someone I want to marry. She was the teenager I saw at Starbucks last night who was wearing white. She's so pretty!"


Joel: "I'm coming inside to get paper to write that snake a ticket!"

He was angry that a snake kept slithering in front of their bikes and "blocking the way."


Matthew: "Happy first day of 2014! It's going to be a new year of daring adventures!"


Matthew: "I'm hungry. When's dinner going to be built?"

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