Almost 14 Years

Yes, that's almost how long it's been since Abigail and I first met in person in front of Boots pharmacy at Waterloo Station in London.

I was thinking about that the other day and mentioned to Abigail that it would be really great to be able to go out on a date on the anniversary, December 28th. Unfortunately, it seemed like our family budget wouldn't stretch to cover this, so I just let it drop.

What I didn't realize was that across town, some people in Abigail's Monday evening ladies' group independently decided that they would like to help us have a date or two. Not only that, but one of them offered to watch the boys for us. And the day she chose? December 28th!

So tomorrow Abigail and I will be having our anniversary date. We really appreciate these ladies' help. What I appreciate even more is that God saw my desire to be able to go out with Abigail on that day and brought everything together so it would be possible.

He really is in charge.


  1. yoko said...
    Happy 14th anniversary(not wedding?)
    I am curious how you guys met in front of the pharmacy and what kind of talk for the first time. Because it's like a divine appointment. Very romantic!
    Our daughter Machiko and her boyfriend also keep their first meeting anniversary, too. They booked a new classy restaurant in the town(we cannot afford so easily)this year, 23rd of November this year.
    Stephen Munday said...
    Yoko, in 1995 I took a course in teaching English to speakers of other languages in Bournemouth, UK with a Christian group called ITN. In 1998, I recommended this course to a university friend called Sophie who was working at a University in Belarus at the time. She came on a course that summer with Abigail. When she found out that Abigail was interested in Japan, she mentioned that I was teaching in Japan (at Seiryo High School in Kanazawa) at that time. Abigail and I started emailing, and then Abigail came to the UK in December 1999 with a friend for the Millennium celebrations. We decided to meet and met up in London at Waterloo Station. The station is pretty big (this is where you can board the Eurostar), so we chose Boots as the place we would meet within the station. After spending the whole day with Abigail, I went home thinking that one day I would tell my grandchildren about this meeting. And that's our story in a nutshell.
    Julie in Japan said...
    Loved hearing even more details of how Papa worked to bring you two together, Stephen!! Did you ever return to that spot in front of Boots to remember the meeting? I met Chuck at a church downtown here and often still think of that when I go there.
    Such a cool story about your date on Dec. 28th!

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