Our Little Muffins

Wearing Christmas presies and helping make corn muffins...


Helper Bean

Joel loves to help me organize--here we were getting rid of DVD cases to put them all into one folder that holds 96.

Instead of holding on to the original cases, we're saving space--and it's easy to save the episode info you need: I just photocopied it, folded it, and tucked it in behind its owner.

Doing dishes is one of the littlest bean's favorite new activities...


Stop the Madness!

Yep, More Quotes

Joel, out of the blue at dinner: "Daddy, don't be cheeky anymore!"


Matthew, as he was getting into bed tonight: "I feel a bit tired tonight. I think I'll fall asleep right away!"

Speedy Beans

Joel, in the car today: "I'm ready to stop having a regular car. I'm ready to have a race car with a big spoiler on the back. Then we can go fast and zoom around all these other cars!"

Random Beanie Quotes

Matthew: "Mom, you're almost as big as me!"


While reading The Complete Adventures of Big Dog and Little Dog, as Big Dog and Little Dog were about to get some dog food poured into their bowls from their owner...

Matthew: "Hey, that's just like me and Joel--we're always hungry even before snack time!"

Joel: "Yeah, we want to eat all the time."

Snow Art

Got the idea to make some pipe cleaner trees from Pure and Noble, via Small Notebook, and we added some "snow", too...

We made snowmen, too...

Last Friday: Starting To Melt

Last Thursday Snow Pics

Feet Talk

Out of the blue this morning as Joel was putting on his socks...

Joel: "I can't wait to wear sandals in the summer!"

Matthew: "Yeah, and I love hot sand on my feet at the beach!"

Well, the snow has JUST melted so we do have a little bit to go before all this transpires but it's lovely that they're thinking of it already.

Snow Scenes from Wednesday

Wednesday it started really coming down, continued falling Thursday (yesterday), and today (Friday), the snowing has abated and the warmer rains have started to melt everything away, though it's going slowly.

So here are Wednesday's pictures for you...

More to come!

Snow and Quotes

Matthew: "I wish I could take a ride on an asteroid in outer space!"

Abigail: "You know, an asteroid is like a big rock."

Matthew: "Or a big potato!" [And he laughed uproariously.]


Abigail: "Joel, your pajamas are light blue, or you can also call them sky blue."

Joel, looking at my dark blue jeans: "Hey, Mama, your trousers are dark sky blue!"


And speaking of dark skies, apparently we're going to get the biggest snow in this generation--and all tonight. It wouldn't be a big deal in the Midwest, but Seattle just doesn't seem geared up for this sort of thing; we've stocked up on food, candles, batteries for the flashlights, and firewood for the fireplace in the living room in case (we hope not!) the electricity goes out.

Had a blast today throwing snowballs at each other and Stephen even managed to hit Joel (apparently unintentionally, while aiming at his tummy) right in the forehead on his hat (oops!).

Here are the beanies yesterday, the last day before we took the tree and decorations down this morning (well, we just had our Christmas dinner!). Now we've got the lights on our mantel and TV stand instead and it's so lovely to have twinkly white comfort hanging around in our living room, even though the holidays are technically over. It's Winter Fest in the Munday household.

Space Shuttle

A little snow'll do ya...

On our walk to church this morning!

Christmas Dinner and Crackers

After the beans had stomach viruses at Christmas and New Year's, we had to postpone our Christmas dinner three times, but last night it finally worked out! We had some special friends here (and our friends' lovely grandma, too, who was visiting from out of state).

It was a fun time with good food and the beans got to try Christmas crackers for the first time ever (hence the crowns). For our American contingency, crackers are a UK holiday tradition--they're cardboard tubes filled with crowns and toys and wrapped up in shiny cellophane paper. It takes two people to pull them apart and then the treats inside come out--then everyone turns into royalty.

Happy Christmas in January!

(Now I suppose the decorations must come down, but the white icicle lights outside on our porch railing are staying put for now.)

Seattle Sunset

These photos from the other night don't do the sunset justice--it's the best one we've seen here yet...

Snow Day!

"Snow makes me sneeze!" - Matthew

Tightwad Repurposing

I'm pretty sure I got this idea from The Tightwad Gazette: Use an old baby gate as a sweater drying rack.

Fusion Beans

At their request, the beans are having a midmorning snack of shrimp wasabi crackers + almond butter.

I just can't fathom it but it's true--I'm seeing it with my own two orbs. Just don't let my taste buds know about it or they might freak out.

Golden Gardens Beach and Shilshole Bay Marina


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