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We've been deep undercover in American culture this evening...

Halfway through the Madonna halftime show of the Super Bowl, Joel sighed and said, "I've enough of watching TV."

And when Madonna got whisked away in a cloud of smoke at the end of her (insane) show, Matthew shouted, "She got exploded!"

The first half of the Super Bowl plus the halftime show have definitely been enough for us (I wasn't even impressed with the bazillion-dollar commercials). Now back to books, trains, games, and fun!

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  1. Grandpa said...
    I found the best way to watch the Super Bowl; record it. Then I did not have to stay awake to 3am and I could fast-forward through the commercial breaks, time-outs, injury time-outs and the half-time show. It was a fascinating game which, in my opinion, the best team lost. It was not as exciting as the earlier Rubgy match between Ireland and Wales which Wales won with the last kick of the match.

    Love, Grandpa

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