Snow and Quotes

Matthew: "I wish I could take a ride on an asteroid in outer space!"

Abigail: "You know, an asteroid is like a big rock."

Matthew: "Or a big potato!" [And he laughed uproariously.]


Abigail: "Joel, your pajamas are light blue, or you can also call them sky blue."

Joel, looking at my dark blue jeans: "Hey, Mama, your trousers are dark sky blue!"


And speaking of dark skies, apparently we're going to get the biggest snow in this generation--and all tonight. It wouldn't be a big deal in the Midwest, but Seattle just doesn't seem geared up for this sort of thing; we've stocked up on food, candles, batteries for the flashlights, and firewood for the fireplace in the living room in case (we hope not!) the electricity goes out.

Had a blast today throwing snowballs at each other and Stephen even managed to hit Joel (apparently unintentionally, while aiming at his tummy) right in the forehead on his hat (oops!).

Here are the beanies yesterday, the last day before we took the tree and decorations down this morning (well, we just had our Christmas dinner!). Now we've got the lights on our mantel and TV stand instead and it's so lovely to have twinkly white comfort hanging around in our living room, even though the holidays are technically over. It's Winter Fest in the Munday household.


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