Christmas Videos

Amazingly, despite kiddo illnesses that have really messed with our Christmas / New Year experience this year, we have some videos to share with you.

The first is from one of our trips to Candy Cane Lane. If you tuned in last year, you will know that this is a famous local in Seattle that has a row of beautiful houses that really go all out with the Christmas decorations. They range from the very classy to the very cheesy, but I always appreciate the theme of peace that runs through them.

This next video shows M-bean and J-bean singing Away in a Manger (US tune) in church. Matthew is easiest to spot, being right in the middle of the frame, but you will need to look more carefully for Joel on the left in the gray sweater / grey jumper.

They did a great job. And I know that M-bean really likes being up on stage and is not fazed by it at all as he helped me very well with the reading on Christmas Day.

We are hoping that at some point soon all of us will be well so we can have our Christmas Dinner with friends. It's been postponed 3 times now, so the upshot is that we will be having two Christmases in 2012 -- an early one in January followed by a traditional one in December.


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