Christmas Dinner and Crackers

After the beans had stomach viruses at Christmas and New Year's, we had to postpone our Christmas dinner three times, but last night it finally worked out! We had some special friends here (and our friends' lovely grandma, too, who was visiting from out of state).

It was a fun time with good food and the beans got to try Christmas crackers for the first time ever (hence the crowns). For our American contingency, crackers are a UK holiday tradition--they're cardboard tubes filled with crowns and toys and wrapped up in shiny cellophane paper. It takes two people to pull them apart and then the treats inside come out--then everyone turns into royalty.

Happy Christmas in January!

(Now I suppose the decorations must come down, but the white icicle lights outside on our porch railing are staying put for now.)


  1. yoko said...
    I am glad that you guys could celebrate Christmas finally even in January nearly Chinese new year time.without Christmas new year doesn't come!
    UK Mum said...
    Ahh Christmas a last and it looks like you all had fun.
    Love Mum

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