Beanie Bedtime

Christmas Beans

Timely presents...

Princely beans building a castle...

Joel on the floor, snoozing, at 5:45 PM...

Hallelujah Chorus and Nativity

Two wonderful videos we've seen in church recently:

New Zealand Kids' Nativity

Hallelujah Chorus, Quinhagak, Alaska

Beany Quotes

Matthew said something to Joel in the car yesterday evening about 5:30 PM. Can't remember exactly what it was, but it was OK, not anything nasty.

Joel: "No, don't talk to me right now."

Matthew: "Why not?"

Joel: "Because I'm still waking up." [He woke up at 7 am and didn't take a nap, so this was a bit of a stretch.]


Yesterday afternoon Matthew and I went to a Christmas Eve candlelight service at a nearby church where we go on Tuesdays for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). The pastor got up and prayed at one point, and Matthew asked, in a rather loud talk-whisper, "Why is he going 'Yack yack yack'?" And then during the sermon, Matthew reiterated his concern that there was too much talk, "There he is again going 'Yack yack yack'!" [I was a wee bit embarrassed but also had to hold back some giggles.]


And here's an Abigail-Bean quote: "May 2012 be full of laughter for you!"

Merry Christmas!

Christmas party at Green Bean Coffeehouse, several weeks ago...


Recently (lucky me!) I won two free tickets (through Seattle's Child) to Cenerentola: The Italian Cinderella Story at the Northwest Puppet Center.

The Carter Family Marionettes performed the Venetian Cinderella story that they translated from a centuries-old document, with a few modern phrases thrown in for comedic value. We all loved it and Matthew especially laughed hysterically at some points.

We weren't allowed to use flash photography during the performance, but the Carters came out after the show and let the kids have a gander at the puppets. It was unbelievable that only two puppeteers put on such a complicated show.

The building itself was worth a visit even without a show going on (we loved the displays of antique puppets in the lobby), but we will definitely be back for future performances...

Santa Hats - Never Leave Home Without Them

Carkeek Park this afternoon...


While the beans were watching Microcosmos this afternoon:

  • "Car tracks! Car tracks, dung beetle! Oh, no, he's gonna probably get run over by a car!"
  • [While snails were mating] "Mama, look! They're fighting! That's NOT fun."
  • [After seeing a spider snare a cricket, wrap it up, and suck it dry] "That cricket looks sad, as sad as poo."
  • [Watching hornets and their larvae in a nest] "Are larvae good for you?"

Where's my Chair?

I wish I could remember more details of this story, as it seemed even funnier at the time. But anyway, here goes:

Yesterday, Joel and Matthew were borrowing chairs from the kitchen to make little "houses" to play in in their play room.

Abigail and I were sitting at the kitchen table when Joel suddenly zoomed in at speed (as he does) -- and then suddenly disappeared from view. We found him looking confused but unhurt on the floor.

My initial thought was perhaps he had tripped over. But Joel disabused me of that notion: He told me that he had forgotten he had moved his chair and that it was no longer there.

It was hard not to laugh....

Reading Beans

If you've got an early reader in your house, I'd love to suggest a series that is going down very well here: You Read to Me, I'll Read to You, by Mary Ann Hoberman.

Each book in the series is divided into paragraphs, each one offset and in a different color, so that the child knows when it's the parent's turn to read and when it's his.

Clever confidence builders.

McKellen Changes a Tire (Tyre)

Just a laugh for your Saturday: Sir Ian McKellen acts out how to change a tire (tyre) - Shakespeare style!


We recently picked out a superb DVD at the library called "Microcosmos", a Swiss nature film that shows flowers and insects up close and personal.

In the opening scene, the viewer is flying in clouds amidst beautiful music, but suddenly you start diving, down, down, down so far that you enter the world of grass. What you see there takes your breath away: ladybugs eating aphids, ants drinking the sweet aphid juice, a spider eating a shrimp inside of an air bubble underwater, flowers budding, bees sucking the nectar out and flying back to home-hive.


And the beans are riveted. (As is their mother.)

Pike Place Market Bingo

Matthew's been asking me for ages to go back to Pike Place Market, a farmers' market in downtown Seattle that's one of the oldest in the States. I was hesitant to return there because last time was so crowded and the beans did not enjoy it.

Anyway, I geared up and made some bingo cards (on cardboard paper that had one white side) for the trip, and brought stickers for the beans to cover each square as they found those objects or people.

"The Fancy Pigs", as Matthew called them...

This fishmonger is the one where they throw fish back and forth to each other, and today we made friends with one of the guys named Eric. Every time we walked in front of their stall, Eric would yell, "BINGO!"

These piggy banks are great--every cent dropped in goes directly to low-income families in the area...

Back home with cards full...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it wasn't crowded at all today. We had a lovely time together!

Healthy Candy

This morning, Matthew showed me a Lego truck he was driving with Lego cargo in the back.

Matthew: "Mom, I want to show you what I'm delivering: It's healthy candy! It's over 200 years old, much older than you, and it's from the 1800s!"

Abigail: "Oh, what does healthy candy have in it?"

Matthew: "Well, it has no high fructose corn syrup, no salt, and no chemicals."

Abigail: "OK, what does it have in it?"

Matthew: "It has lots of ingredients: cheese, pepperoni, red vinegar, and chocolate. All those things. We've run out of them in the factory today."

Car Wars

As we were driving our friends Dan and Amy to the airport last week, with Amy in the back wedged between the beans, one child who shall remain nameless (but who is younger than the other one) got carsick all over himself and our poor friend.

Later, after dropping our friends off to catch their flight, I laughed silently in the front as Matthew and Joel were gabbing in the back...

J: "I got carsick!"

M: "Yeah, poor Joel, you got carsick all over the place. I think it's because of our PT Cruiser. We need a Toyota. If we had a Toyota, you wouldn't get carsick."


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