Going on Vacation

Tonight we got the Beans clean and pajama-ed earlier than usual so we could go for a drive to the beach and watch the sunset.

As Matthew was putting on his nighttime apparel, he said, "Wait! We can't wear our pajamas to go on vacation!"

Mimi and Pop Have Landed...

The beans have been counting down for over a month, waiting for Mimi and Pop's visit on September 16. They've been telling everybody we meet about it!

Our first full day with them was a ferry trip to Vashon Island, including Vashon Farmers Market...

Our favorite tea shop, plus the Point Robinson Lighthouse and cabins...


Huggy Bean

This morning at brekkie:

Matthew: "Mom, Dad, Joel. You need to all give me BIG hugs!"

Our Favorite Beans

Matthew and Joel are doing wonderfully with reading and spelling. Joel wants to do everything Matthew does and the Younger Bean is even spelling words like "bed" with no hesitation. Superb.

A few days ago Matthew read his first book cover to cover. It's a great series we've got at our local library and each book tells its own story--Matthew is just tearing through these. He loves reading and is so proud of himself, gaining more and more confidence with each book.

Of course it's not all academics around here...

Matthew rocks out and plays the guitar on his polar puppy...

Dinner Conversation

Went on a walk this evening and when I returned, Stephen told me about a conversation he had with Matthew while I was gone:

Matthew, feeling the bones in his toes: "I've got meatballs in my toes!"

Stephen: "What do you mean?"

Matthew: "My dinner went down the wrong way!"

[And the zucchini fritters we had for dinner didn't even resemble meatballs--we were on a meatball kick for a while but it's been several weeks now since we've had them.]

Manner Beans

Abigail: "You boys are so polite!"

Joel: "Thank you."

Girl Talk

A few (highly unusual) phrases heard round our house today:

  • "Where can I take a nap?"
  • "Don't you love the color of my hair?"
  • "Isn't my water bottle cute with all those flowers on it?"
  • "Do you like my jean jacket? Don't you think it's pretty?"
  • "Boys, don't hit me with your stuffed animals. I already combed my hair today."
Yes, you guessed it! We had a little girl-bean here all day and it was definitely a different atmosphere.

A very cute and flowery atmosphere.

Confession Time

After I thanked the boys for helping clean up, Matthew said, "I'm a professional!"

And Joel piped up with "I'm a confessional!"

Surprise! Happy Birthday Kikue!

A little bird told us that your birthday was coming up and that you like to look at our blog. So, "Happy birthday" from all of us in Seattle.

Natural Beauty

Lovely dahlias from a lovely neighbor...

Sunset shots on Labor Day from our friends' home...the Olympic Mountains have some wildfires going crazy over there and the views are now even hazier...

Two Car Shows in Two Weeks

Labor Day car show hosted by the Ballard Elks, standing next to Matthew's favorite car (which was also at the Greenwood Car Show in June!)...

Edmonds Car Show yesterday...

Growing Up

Matthew, in the car after a guy at the grocery store helped us out to the car: "Wow, he had a lot of hair on his arms, too." [He meant "like Daddy".]

Abigail: "Well, when you grow up you'll have hair on your arms, too."

Matthew: "Yeah, and we'll shed our skin, too."

Have we been learning too much about reptiles lately?

Four Beans in a Park

Volunteer Park and the Seattle Asian Art Museum...


Joel, holding his cheek this afternoon: "My cheek feels strange."

Abigail: "Oh. Why?"

Joel: "It's missing some food."

So he had a big snack, then dinner, then seconds and thirds of this amazing stuff. Plus a few cups of green smoothie and now they'll have their traditional organic applesauce before bed.

And they say teenagers eat a lot. Apparently you have to keep their cheeks filled even at the tender age of three.

Sprinkling the Beans

I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so forgive me, but I've posted all of them...


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