The Faces of the Future

Yesterday at Salmon Bay Park the boys and I had a grand time--their new favorite adventure is the zipline swing (and they like me to show them zipline videos on Vimeo now).

There was a pair of older brothers there, about 11 and 13, and they are what I hope our boys will be like at those ages. The older boys completely watched out for M and J, took care of them on the merry-go-round, and made sure they didn't get hurt. I didn't have to ask the older guys to slow the merry-go-round down--they did it automatically after our beans got on. These guys were just so considerate--they were energetic, as all boys seem to be, but they tempered it when our younger beans got near.

I pray that was a glimpse of the future for us...

M and J are considerate of others now, so already their future is looking bright!

Foo, Spork, Abuela, and Others

About to return another stack of library books tomorrow but before I do, I wanted to share a few that were our favorites from this go-round:

Out of those, I'd have to say Foo is top frog, but Pear Tree is a close second, and as a matter of fact, the beans have learned a lot of Spanish from it. We practice when we're in the car. (What is car in Spanish? I can't remember! Auto?)

Pink Paint

If you ever, ever want to have a peaceful breakfast at 7 a.m., then don't, I pray, don't ever, ever keep a bottle of kefir in your fridge longer than four days after the sell-by date.

Especially not a berry-flavored one.

Let me esplain. No, there ees too much. Let me sum up. (Name that film.)

I woke up (or rather, was awakened by little beans), walked in the kitchen, opened the fridge to start making breakfast, and was greeted by "pink paint" (as Joel called it).

On everything. I mean everything. I guess the fridge needed cleaning but I wasn't expecting to have to do it this morning and on that scale.

The kefir hadn't even been opened but somehow it exploded and blew the sealed lid into the door of the fridge, right next to the soy sauce and ketchup. And pink puddles abounded. Everywhere.

It must've happened earlier in the night because not only did the goop cover everything in the fridge, but it had dried on, too.

After the pink paint had been cleared up, I felt like painting the town red, but duty called.

Music for Everyone

Last class yesterday...the beans loved it!

Forest Park in Everett

Mukilteo Lighthouse

Now open for the season...

Seattle Poppies

In our friends' backyard...


Sleeping and building bridges.

Museum of Flight Fly-In Day

Back in May...

The beans were tired and not cooperating for photos but the planes didn't mind.

10 Years, Baby!

Stephen surprised me with a few messages on the car for our big afternoon and evening date!

This one is "love love"--more like "you make my heart go pitter-patter" love...

And these two characters mean "love" and "vehicle"--in Japanese culture it means a car that you love but Stephen was punny about it...

We started our date at Volunteer Park...

And within the park, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, worth the visit just to see the famous art deco building...

Dinner was at Ray's Cafe on the marina in Ballard (a neighborhood in Seattle)...

We didn't sit on the deck but enjoyed watching the blanket guy go up and down out there, providing blankets as needed. Apparently they were much needed as people were wrapping up their shoulders and laps!

We stayed in the warmth and enjoyed the lovely view of Puget Sound and the boats and cruise ships going by.

Stephen had one of the day's specials: halibut with mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and a zippy green horseradish sauce. Yum.

I had checked out the menu beforehand and was ready with my order: Dungeness crab and rock shrimp cakes, couscous salad, homemade zucchini pickles, and an avocado green goddess dressing. Mmmmm....

And for dessert: vanilla creme brulee with an orange almond biscotti, and Bailey's Irish Cream cheesecake.

After our feast we had to have a walk at Green Lake, which was absolutely gorgeous in the evening light.

Happy 10 years to us! And this Thursday will be the tenth anniversary of our Marlow wedding blessing. Time definitely flies when you're having fun!

Smarty Arty Beans

Funny, laughing, painting, clever beans.

M and J each painted his own box...

Matthew's really into building bridges lately...

And Joel made the letter "i" with a straw and ball.


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