Flying Heritage Collection Fly Day

Lots of pics...

The beans had fun "flying" a plane...

Matthews Beach

Scroll down for all the pics...

A new favorite park, right on Lake Washington...

View of the Cascade Mountains across Lake Washington...

Ten People

Matthew, last night, out of the blue while we were reading together before their bedtime: "Mama, we should have ten people in our house. I'd really like to have ten people here."

[What he hadn't been told yet is that some friends of ours, who have four kids and therefore six people in their family, are moving and that I'm making a meal for them tonight. I told them they could come here for the dinner or I could bring it to their house, whichever would be easier for them. So we very well could have ten people here tonight!]

Spring Fever

Joel: "When is Daddy's birthday?"

Me: "Joel, it's the end of May right now, and on June 1 it will be Daddy's birthday."

Joel: "I expected it to be summer by now."

[We're not in Florida anymore, Toto!]

Abigail Cranky Munday

Matthew (talking about Thomas (the Tank Engine) and Friends): "I love James--he's got such bright red paint."

Me: "Matthew, you know your middle name is James."

Matthew (in complete seriousness): "Mama, is your middle name Cranky?" [Cranky is that crane up there, by the way.]

Alki Beach and Spuds

View of Seattle from Alki (West Seattle)...

Alki Beach...

The Olympics as seen from Alki...

Post-beach-picnic milkshakes at Spud Fish 'n Chips, the oldest fast-food joint in Seattle. We slurped them down on the second floor of Spuds, overlooking Alki Bathhouse and the beach, Olympics, and ferries pootling across the Sound.

View from Admiral Way Viewpoint...

A Read Down Memory Lane

On one of my always-elusive attempts at organizing our lives, I was glancing through the cards we received for our two weddings (one in Florida and one in the UK--yes, the UK one was technically considered a "marriage blessing" but I still think of it as another wedding because we had a second ceremony and reception).

And it just so happens that our tenth anniversary is coming up in just a few weeks.

A decade.

A lot can happen in ten years: several moves, two children born, job changes, worldview shifts, friends and family members who have passed on.

Ten years!

Yes, Stephen and I have our differences of opinion sometimes, but gosh, I love this bloke. His heart, his brain, his smile, his laugh, his jokes, his hugs.

Matthew and Joel seem to like him, too: Every time we leave the house, just the three of us, they ask me why Daddy can't come, too. I love watching them play with him and wrestle like bear cubs.

When we received those wedding cards a decade ago, who knew we'd not only have each other, but two little cool beans as well?

Matthew and Joel had fun looking at the wedding cards, too, and now Matthew's asked to read through the cards we received when he was born...maybe tomorrow.

Garden Art

Scroll down to see the arteests at work and play...

My Three Beans

The guys watching Shaun the Sheep...

Master Bubbles


Joel has a yen for counting leftover coins from the last country we inhabited...

Crystal Connectors

These are the best building toys ever...thanks, G & G!


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