Caffe Fiore, Ballard

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Matthew stopped traffic...

And I enjoyed my matcha latte...

Me Likey

  • "I'm with my girl," said Matthew as he slid down a double slide with a new little friend at Marymoor Park the other day.
  • Craigslist - I'm enjoying selling a few things the beans don't use anymore and it's so much fun I keep looking around and wondering what else I could put on the market!
  • A few 99-cents international films we've gotten recently from Blockbuster: A sweet, touching French documentary (France's highest grossing documentary) about a teacher in a rural village called To Be and To Have, another French film (thriller this time) called Tell No One (not for the faint of heart, but so amazingly written and twisty that I think it's worth it), and one we just finished tonight, a Brazilian movie called The Year My Parents Went on Vacation, set around the time of the 1970 World Cup. Get out your Kleenex for this one, folks!
  • Amazon Fresh - They deliver everything from organic spinach to organic chicken thighs to vacuum bags to fire safety ladders for our second-story bedrooms. Love it. I don't use it that often but when I do, it feels like Christmas.
  • As Always, Julia - A book containing the letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto. I wish I could have known these illustrious ladies in real life, but their letters will have to do. Both extremely intelligent, political, and adamant foodies. After reading (and thoroughly enjoying) Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Lacuna, and getting a picture of McCarthyism and how it impacted so many in such a hostile way, I'm grateful to also have a real-life picture of Child's and DeVoto's lives and all they experienced in that era.
  • Egoscue's Pain-Free Workout - After struggling with sciatica, this workout makes me feel like I've had a massage!
  • The first day of the ice-cream truck coming round this season. Of course we had to run out for the beans to choose something yummy (won't be happening often after I read how high-fructose corn syrup is metabolized in your body!). Matthew picked a creamsicle (my favorite, too) and Joel chose a chocolatey one.
  • Now that I'm on to food, I have to admit that I'm on an almond kick, and our local Fred Meyer has some yummy roasted varieties in their bulk bins. I love the wasabi and also the tamari ones, and I can't help munching on pre-packaged ones that are olive oil and salt flavored.
  • Kefir - It's tasty and good for you, too! I remember going with Mom to the health-food store on Orange Avenue in Orlando, just across the street from Lake Ivanhoe (wonder if the store is still there?) and I always chose raspberry kefir. Funny, because that's still my flavor of choice.
  • Ichi Truffles from Chocolati - They're made from dark chocolate with infusions of wasabi and ginger and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Oh. my. word.
  • Shaun the Sheep - He's so funny and quirky that he keeps all four of us laughing.
  • My every-other Tuesday morning MOPS group at a local church and my almost-every Wednesday night moms' get-together at Green Bean Coffeehouse. They all help keep me sane in mommyhood. Mommies of the world, unite!

Bears, Beans, and Chicks

My Easter gift to the beans...little chicks with soil and marigold seeds. To life!

Tulips from the garden...

One of Matthew's favorite videos, Venice Backstage, shows how Venice works--how the canals function and how they empty them to repair the walls, how they built the three-story palaces, etc. This is Matthew's Venetian palace! Jenga blocks sure do come in handy.

We went on a bear hunt today and this was the "cave". Usually on a bear hunt you only find one bear in a cave but in this instance there were two bears and a bean.

Funny Guys

Joel says "drive it off" instead of "dry it off" and "lightbulb tires" instead of "whitewall tires".

And Matthew made up a song tonight about koalas living in trees and eating "ukulele" leaves.

Easter Fun

At home, in between church and having some lovely friendies over for lovely Easter dinner...

I told you these guys love eating the Greek oregano and onion chives...

With their bunny and egg parachutes they got in their Easter baskets...

These guys know how to wake up early, and in fact, Matthew slept in till 6:00 this morning, so he had time for some art while I made breakfast. Here he is with some "waves in a thunderstorm"...

I guess when they're teenagers and wanting to sleep till noon we'll remember these days of waking up at 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00.

The Sweet Faces of a Sleeping Bean

You snooze...your mama takes your picture.

The Windmill Farmer

Stephen recently found the short animated film, The Windmill Farmer, on Open Culture. Well, we've all fallen in love with it and as I watched it this morning for the first time, it hit me how it's a great analogy for the Easter story.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Marymoor Park

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Spring in My Step

Scenes of spring in our backyard...

My oregano and chives from last year are going nuts and Matthew and Joel love to chomp on them!

I Think He's Turning Japanese

Overheard from the front seat on a little trip out to Costco...

Joel: "After I turn Japanese, I can go to Japan!"

Matthew: "Joel sometimes turns Japanese. Sometimes he does."

Joel: "Yeah! I do!"

One Giant Leap...

Joel: "Mama, I'm walking on the moon!"

Me: "Are you an astronaut?"

Joel: "Yeah!"

Me: "Are you Buzz Aldrin? Neil Armstrong?"

Joel: "No, I'm Joel-Bean. Joel-Bean Astronaut!"

J-Bean Quotes

  • I was in the kitchen making lunch to take with us and Joel ran in and shouted, "I'm so exciting! I found you!"
  • "YUMMY!" This was while licking his lips enthusiastically after tasting Nutella for the first time.
  • Before heading off for an adventure to Discovery Park, Joel asked, "Discovery Park? Is that where the shuttle is taking off?" Good guess, little bean! We saw the space shuttle Discovery launch in Florida and it's still fresh and strong in his memory.
  • "Girls can't be astronauts." I have no idea where he got this idea because it certainly wasn't from us! I'm definitely working on helping him change his mind on this one.

Rainy-Day Quotes and Pianos

M and J plunking with our friends Jen and Lindsey at Green Bean Coffeehouse
(photo courtesy of Asha)

Rainy day today...

Matthew, while walking outside: "I want to take a sip of water from the clouds!"

He also noticed a lot of puddles in a parking lot: "There are so many puddles here! We need to clean up ALL of Seattle!"

And while I was falling asleep on the sofa after lunch while attempting to read to the boys, Matthew vehemently said, "Mama! Wake up! You need to wash the dishes!"

So I decided to blog instead of sleeping or washing dishes.

Making Lemonade Out of...

Me: "Matthew and Joel, I can make that grape lemonade today!" [Matthew had strawberry lemonade when we were out on Saturday and Joel had regular but kept asking the waiter for grape lemonade, which they didn't have. I've never heard of grape before, but I told Joel I could make it for him this week. So now I've got the lemons and the grape juice and we're all ready to go.]

Matthew: "Can you make strawberry lemonade, too?"

Joel: "Yeah, strawberry, too!"

Matthew: "Strawberry lemonade and chocolate lemonade, too!"

From way back...

I found these February photos in the depths somewhere, pushed under all our Florida shots. Actually, the beans climbed the tree in our pocket park two days before we flew to Florida, and I've got a trazillion vacation posts for some point...

Have you ever sat on a space shuttle?

It ain't comfy.

Spring in Seattle

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What Would You Take?

The beans are on a huge space kick at the moment so we are reading shuttle books out the wazoo. When I asked them what they think the astronauts take with them into space, they had some telling answers...

Matthew: "Food, books, and toys."

Joel: "Puzzles!"


Matthew, this morning at breakfast as I brought a new (different) carton of orange juice out of the fridge: "Is this the expensive kind? Is it a hundred pounds?" (He meant GP pounds, not weight.)

One Year On...

I can't believe it's been a year today since we moved to Seattle. This will probably sound trite, but time really does fly. We're still enjoying our rental house (and love the location--Greenwood rocks!) and really do feel settled in now. (Just one question: How many ants can come in one kitchen, in spite of all our best chemical efforts to get rid of them? They're feeling pretty settled in, too, and you know it's getting bad when one of your sons starts playing with a dead one and calling it a "new toy." Our neighbor behind us, who's in a house older than ours, says his kitchen gets invaded every year as well.)

The beans continue to read in the backyard (as they did a year ago). (I heart our backyard.) Here they are exploring Kennedy Space Center: Gateway to Space, a new rave fave from our local library haunt. Out of a huge stack we borrowed yesterday, that one plus The Pink Refrigerator and Prairie Town are getting the most mileage so far. I have to agree with them about The Pink Refrigerator--it's a really clever story of a mouse stuck in a life-rut who has some great new experiences thanks to notes he finds stuck with a magnet on an old rusty fridge in a junkyard.

And we've planted three rhubarb roots, one of which has popped up a new little stalk and leaf, about the size of the tip of my pinky finger...

Looking forward to rhubarb crumble ice cream! They say don't harvest the plants in the first year, but we just might have to. Life's too short to dillydally.

Tonight's M-Bean Quote

"Eric Clapton is real!"

Bean Quotes

  • Joel, to me: "Mama, you're an angel!" [I wore makeup the other day for the first time in what is probably weeks. Celine Dion also gets this designation from Joel, by the way.]
  • Joel: "I want to be a teacher so I can read. I want to learn to read books."
  • Joel: "When I take toys from people, it makes me happy!!! I'm going to take a toy from Matthew and then run away!" [Humanity strikes again.]
  • Joel: "I'd like a grape fruit leather." Me: "Joel, you've already had a mango fruit leather today, so you could have real grapes now." Joel: "No, I'd like pretend grapes!"
  • Matthew: "Let's go to Mexico. I want to get on a plane with you, Daddy, and Joel, and we can fly to Mexico!" [After seeing a magazine article in the doctor's office about San Miguel, Mexico. What a gorgeous place. Matthew also wants to go to Mongolia, China, Japan, Canada, the UK, Wisconsin, Florida, and numerous other locales. He's a go baby!]
  • Matthew: "Mama, let's go together in the car. We can both hold the steering wheel." [Nice try! These kids can't wait to drive, but I can.]
  • Matthew: "I want to watch Eric Clapton again!" [M-Bean can't get enough of music videos--some other favorites are the Yoshida Brothers, Alison Krauss, Dire Straits, John Legend, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.]

Pie Auction for Japan

I found my friend Kim's post really encouraging, with quite a few hopeful stories and what some folks are doing to help in the aftermath.

Springing into Life Again

Congratulations to us! We're all (mostly) back in The Land of Good Health, right in time for spring.

A bandaid gift, placed lovingly on my forehead by Matthew (for a phantom ouchy)...

The Pocket Park missed us...but doesn't have to anymore!

Matthew calls this "The Great Wall of Seattle"...

For about a month we all felt slower than snails, but thank goodness we can outrun them again.


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