Our guys are getting worn out from not having naps (not that we haven't tried to get them to take some!) and we even had Slaphappy Hour last night before bed when the beans did nothing but giggle hysterically and make up funny songs in their exhausted stupor.

So it didn't surprise me today when Joel started talking to his snack: "Hello, Mr. Granola Bar! How are you doing?"


We're actually based right now in Cape Canaveral, not Cocoa Beach (as the last post suggested), but we're not far from Cocoa. I grew up going to New Smyrna Beach more than Cocoa/Canaveral but I'm really enjoying the beautiful, non-car-infested sand here (you can drive your vehicle on the beach in New Smyrna).

I've tried to upload photos for the blog but with the much slower connection here than in Seattle, I haven't managed it yet.

We've been busy! Visiting my three grandparents, relatives, friends (and having friends visiting here), and just today, going to the Kennedy Space Center. Tomorrow's the big Discovery launch (which we'll be able to see clearly here from my aunt's and uncle's balcony) and so we were able to see Discovery waiting impatiently on the launch pad, ready for takeoff tomorrow at 4:50 pm EST. It will be the first launch for my three boys and they're excited. Even though I saw many while I was growing up in Orlando, I'm still just as thrilled as ever.

I've managed to actually read a whole book (The Secret Life of Bees, a really precious story) despite the boys not having had one nap since we got here. We've been on the beach, in the pool, and back and forth to Orlando quite a bit. My parents were here for the first 4 or 5 days and it was lovely to hang out with them again.

We're out of our comfort zone of home so I'm having to be on extra high alert for the beans (no baby gates or kid door locks here) but we are managing snippets of relaxation and I guess with small kids, that's as much as you can hope for!

It feels like we're on a completely different planet than Seattle--the only coffee shop I've seen here is Starbucks and driving on the 528 to Orlando is like being in a completely unpeopled area (swamps galore). The vegetation and wildlife are so different here and we're enjoying all the birds. We saw an eagle's nest that was 8 feet high in a tree at the Kennedy Space Center (which is also a national wildlife refuge). No gator sightings yet but I live in hope...

Matthew and Joel experience the dunes at Cocoa Beach

The Littlest Truck Drivers

Superbowl Beanie Quotes

  • Matthew, while seeing a commercial for the new Transformers movie: "I've never seen any of those in the wild!"
  • Joel, observing a Cheesehead: "Cheesecake!" And Matthew replied, "Cheesecake head!" [Then hysterical laughter from both boys.]

Golden Gardens Beans

Joel is finally feeling (almost) better (though we're steering clear of friends for a bit so we don't pass anything on) and we had a quick blast at Golden Gardens Beach this morning for some fresh air and nice view of the Olympics. Scroll down to see all five piccies...


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