All in Good Time

Mark, our worship leader/music pastor at church, told me a funny story today.

Let me give you the backstory first: Recently the kids have been staying in the service during the music time and then heading out to Sunday School during the sermon. When we come in the lobby before the service (we meet at a local theater), the kids can grab some sort of rhythm instrument to play during the worship time.

So today, after the service was finished and we were all hanging out at Green Bean for coffee and catching up, Mark came in and laughingly told me how Matthew had done such an amazing job at keeping time on his maracas that it had actually thrown off the guy who monitors the sound system (and who does an excellent job, by the way).

Matthew Munday and his mesmerizing maracas.

The Green Bean

Our local coffeehouse hangout has been featured in a new video, Community by the Cup (I recognized a few people!).

Makes me want to grab another cuppa...

Quotes and Quarantine

Joel's been snotty and coughing (though the coughing was a bit better last night) and now Stephen's got what seems to be a tummy bug (I won't go into details!). We're home today and I'm trying to keep the beans happy (we're doing tons of puzzles) and get some admin work done (passport renewals, etc.).

Anyway, I have loads of quotes from the beans that I haven't yet posted (be forewarned - these are boy beans we're talking about!)...

  • Joel, this morning when he was asking for extra hummus (with a jokey gleam in his eye): "Can I have some more Thomas?"
  • Matthew: "I'd like to be a Red Arrow pilot. We'd better go back to England so I can ride on one of those."
  • Stephen, to Joel: "Would you like to watch a DVD?" Joel: "Yeah, after I finish eating Mama's food." [He didn't mean food that I made; he was actually eating my food!]
  • Matthew, to Joel after Joel was acting miffed about something at the table: "Joel, don't be mad at the guacamole!"
  • Matthew has decided that he wants a Subaru when he grows up and Joel says he wants a pick-up truck.
  • Matthew: "I'm not a bulldozer. I'm a man!"
  • Stephen, to Joel: "What did you doink your chin on?" Joel: "A Matthew."
  • Joel, in the car: "There was a booger, but now it's in my stomach."
  • Matthew, also in the car: "The moon is chasing us!"
  • Joel: "I made a fart come out of my body."
  • Matthew: "Today is Monday, Mr. Joel. That means church doesn't come on."
  • Matthew, to Abigail: "What have you GOT on your CHIN???" Me: "It's called a zit." [Yes, sadly, it's a doozy.] Matthew: "Well, you'd better take it off!"
  • Joel, imitating a phrase I use: "Just a cotton-pickin' minute!"
  • Matthew has started saying "mama dot com" for some reason.
  • Joel: "I call my daddy 'Dad'!"
  • Matthew now calls us Mr. Dad, Mrs. Mama, and Mr. Joel. Very polite child.
  • I called my grandpa during the Auburn University game recently (he's an alum and an avid football fan) after the first Auburn touchdown. Matthew got on the phone and I told him to tell Pa "War Eagle!" Matthew shouted, "Eagle eyes!"
  • Matthew puts furikake on his grits and recently said, "Mommies and daddies only eat plain grits."
  • Matthew made a sheep puppet in Sunday School and named it "Bethlehem the Sheep." Cute!

The Claw

We have to be careful when we go on this street near our house--you never know what could grab your attention.

Stripey Beans

In new sweaters from their UK cousin...

And howling at the moon (don't worry--the tattoos are temporary!)...

Two Masterpieces

"Eye of a Needle" by Matthew: a yellow arch (the Eye of a Needle gate that Jesus talked about) in the background, a blue boy, a red camel with a green large intestine, plus a yellow "M" road at the bottom.

"Fire and Fireworks" by Joel: After repeatedly watching the London fireworks for the New Year on YouTube, fireworks are now a frequent theme in the beans' conversation and artwork.

Los Amigos

I Have a Dream

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Deep Thoughts by Abigail Munday

Sometimes I wonder what I would want with me for survival on a desert island, if something like that ever happened.

I guess I could do without hand lotion, but life would be rough.

(And here's a Deep Thought by Jack Handy: "If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.")

Market Me

I just ordered myself a (motivating) pedometer (10,000 steps a day, here I come!) online and after I received the order confirmation email, I remembered a market research session I participated in when I was in high school.

We were all around the same age, all ages 16-18 or so, and we sat around a table in the marketing company. They flashed some (very primitive) images up onto one of those pull-down white screens and asked us loads of questions.

How would I feel about buying products (maybe even groceries) on the computer?

At the time it felt really Space Age and ethereal but 18 years later I've realized how mundane that has all become.

Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Safeway, Target, Barnes & Noble (and more)--they've all gotten my online business at one time or another.

The only thing that hasn't changed in the last couple of decades is that I still love receiving packages at my front door. Christmas anytime, even if I've ordered it for myself. (I don't do this often, so please don't worry!)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some walking to do (all the way to the front door to see if my package has arrived yet).

P.S. I think I got paid $30 for that market research session, which will just cover the cost of my new pedometer. What goes around, walks around.

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Matthew's Prayer Tonight

"Jesus, thank you for the nice day today. Thank you for Leto and Vera [Joel piped in at this point and said, "And Leah!"] and Leah and for the sky and the clouds and Mt. Rainier and the Cascades and the Olympics."

Under Construction

The house next door sold recently and so they've had their sewage system redone. Which means our street has also been remodeled, much to the beans' delight.

Carkeek Park Winter Sunset

View from Alki Beach

Height Predictor

Interested in what your child's height might be at age 18? We were and so at Baby Center's Child Height Predictor we plugged in the gender, current height, current weight, current age, and the height of our children's mother and father (yes, us). Then we just hit enter and smiled.

We weren't surprised by the results--both M and J came out of the womb with massive hands and feet and so we expected they would be tall beans.

Matthew now weighs in at 40 pounds and is 45.5 inches tall--at 18, he could be 6 feet 3 inches.

J-Bean is 28 pounds and is 38 inches tall, so our baby could end up being 6 feet 2 inches.

Let me know what you discover about your own kiddos--this is fun!

Holey Ice Cream

The beans are always cracking me up and here are two of their latest quotes:

  • Matthew, seeing me without earrings: "MOM! You have holes in your ears!!!"
  • Joel, after dinner tonight: "Have we got ice cream...or not? Mommy, let me check." And he opened the freezer to find...not.

True Love

The other day Joel was singing in the backseat, making up his own tune with these lyrics: "I love Jesus, I love Jesus, I love Jesus!"

And yesterday Matthew, out of the blue, said to me, "Mom, did you know that God loves us? God really, really loves us."

Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

I like this for the new year: "If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get his help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought" (James 1:5-6, The Message).

And so we boldly go where no man has gone before...2011...



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