Where's my Chair?

I wish I could remember more details of this story, as it seemed even funnier at the time. But anyway, here goes:

Yesterday, Joel and Matthew were borrowing chairs from the kitchen to make little "houses" to play in in their play room.

Abigail and I were sitting at the kitchen table when Joel suddenly zoomed in at speed (as he does) -- and then suddenly disappeared from view. We found him looking confused but unhurt on the floor.

My initial thought was perhaps he had tripped over. But Joel disabused me of that notion: He told me that he had forgotten he had moved his chair and that it was no longer there.

It was hard not to laugh....

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  1. Grandpa said...
    Joel, I sympathise completely. I often find myself in a room having forgotten what I intended to do. Clearly you are growing up fast.

    Love, Grandpa

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