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Matthew said something to Joel in the car yesterday evening about 5:30 PM. Can't remember exactly what it was, but it was OK, not anything nasty.

Joel: "No, don't talk to me right now."

Matthew: "Why not?"

Joel: "Because I'm still waking up." [He woke up at 7 am and didn't take a nap, so this was a bit of a stretch.]


Yesterday afternoon Matthew and I went to a Christmas Eve candlelight service at a nearby church where we go on Tuesdays for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). The pastor got up and prayed at one point, and Matthew asked, in a rather loud talk-whisper, "Why is he going 'Yack yack yack'?" And then during the sermon, Matthew reiterated his concern that there was too much talk, "There he is again going 'Yack yack yack'!" [I was a wee bit embarrassed but also had to hold back some giggles.]


And here's an Abigail-Bean quote: "May 2012 be full of laughter for you!"


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