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  • I got a brilliant idea today from Small Notebook! Matthew's just not really into eating, but he LOVES candles, so I think I'll try what she suggested: Have a candle going on the table at dinnertime, and if your child eats well that meal, let him blow out the candle afterward. I'll let you know how this one goes, but I think it could change the face of mealtimes around here. Matthew adores candles that much. (I have been known to put one in a snack and light it just so he can blow it out - floats the bean's boat.)
  • If you're around kids in any capacity (teaching, parenting, babysitting, wiping bums), then this podcast is really gonna rock your world - and the book they talk about is one I'm reading now (it's an amazing, positive, paradigm-shifter in that it focuses on relationship and not punishment in child-rearing). One of the quotes from the podcast I loved the most was when Danny Silk (who is the author of that book and an interviewee on the podcast), said something like, "If raising kids who never misbehave or act out in public shows that you're a good parent, then Joseph and Mary failed miserably." And Sheri Silk, the author's wife, brought tears to my eyes when she said that her goal as a parent is to help her kids fall in love with her. It's all about the freedom that God gives to us - that same freedom will win our kids over and help them to make wise choices as they grow and learn. Danny said that he obeys the IRS, but that doesn't give him any affection for them. I'm learning so much lately about God's unconditional love (it's really true!) and I pray M and J feel that same love from me.
  • Those two pics at the top of this post have nothing whatsoever to do with helpful hints, but I thought you might like to see them anyway (and poor Joel's lip - he ate wood floor the other day).

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  1. uk mum said...
    Hope Joel's lip gets better soon. I just love the picture of Matthew, what beautifully elegant legs he has!!!
    Love Mum

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